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Student Housing utilizes staff in three key areas - the residence halls, Orchard Park and Solano Park apartments, and administration - in the relentless pursuit of Our Mission while advocating the university's Principles of Community and high standards of excellence.

Student Housing Staff Overview

Residence Hall Staff

Residence hall staff oversees all daily operations of the residence halls, including customer service (assisting students with questions), academic and leadership development, conflict resolution, and custodial and maintenance-related needs. Go to the Residence Hall Staff Overview to learn about the various roles of each position.

Orchard & Solano Park Apartments Staff

The Orchard Park and Solano Park apartment staff oversees all daily operations of the apartment complexes, including customer service and maintenance.

Administration Staff

The administration staff oversees the business operations of Student Housing, including long-term planning, finance and budgets, marketing, human resources, facilities support, and computer support. In addition, the administration staff manages residential services, residential education programming, and conference housing.