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Registering Your Computer

Your network card has a unique 12-digit ethernet hardware address (a.k.a. NIC number or MAC address) that identifies your computer and must be registered to authorize use of the campus network. Identify and register your ethernet address following Step 4 of the IT Express Knowledge Base instructions below.

If you are registering from home or off campus, you’re done! When you move in, test your connection.

If you are on campus, allow 30 minutes for your registration to be processed, then test your connection.

Test your connection by plugging into ResNet with your 10 base-T cable and fire up your browser.

If you need help, residence hall students can visit one of the Computer Centers for assistance or go to a neighbors’ computer and see Step 5 of the Knowledge Base instructions to troubleshoot. Residents of The Parks can pick up printed instructions in the area office.

If you were unsuccessful registering your computer or received an error, repeat the Knowledge Base instructions beginning with verification that you have a network card. If your computer was previously configured for use with another network, Step 1–Step 3 will configure your system for use with ResNet.